April 15, 2024

How To Rent A Storage In Six Simple Steps

We will tell you How To Rent A Storage In Six Simple Steps. When the average household owns around 300,000 items, fitting them all in one space can cause a huge mess. Many homeowners are worried about the clutter these items cause, with 33% reporting that they lack space. On the other hand, 11% of Americans rent a self-storage unit to avoid this issue. If you relate to these problems and want a secure storage facility for your belongings, here are the steps for How To Rent A Storage In Six Simple Steps.

Determine your budget

Though renting a storage unit is an affordable way to store valuable items or furniture without moving into a larger home, you still need to allocate a specific amount of money. Suppose you live in cities like Warren, where the average cost of living is $32,282 a year. Setting aside money for storage can be challenging in such conditions. You need to create a budget to ensure you can fit the cost of renting a storage unit into your yearly expenses. You must first decide how much you are willing to invest. Then, you must thoroughly research the storage market to determine how much it costs.

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The national average cost of renting a monthly storage unit is $100.04. However, the price can depend on the size, amenities, and location of your storage. Check out a good storage location here. A 10’x10′ non-climate-controlled unit in states like Michigan can cost around $124 monthly. But you can expect to pay more if you live in expensive metropolises like Warren, which is in the top 23% of most high-cost cities worldwide.

You must create a budget considering these factors to draw an accurate plan. To get the best facilities at the most affordable lease, contact as many storage companies in your area as you can. By reaching all local Warren storage units, you can assess the amenities they offer, their contracts, and additional fees. This information can help you make informed decisions and set a proper budget for renting a storage unit in your area.


Some facilities may offer better prices for amenities, while others may not. Knowing these costs can help you decide which storage has the most value.

Assess your needs

According to your financial situation, you can set a budget according to your needs or vice versa. However, it would be best to determine a rough estimate of items you want to stow so that you know how much storage you need to rent. It can help you avoid extra costs for space you may not use and ensure you utilize it effectively.

You can store your belongings for multiple reasons, from seasonal items to large pieces of furniture. Your current home may not have the space to keep these items, but a storage unit can keep them safe until you move somewhere that can. You should take inventory of your belongings and determine how much space these items will occupy and how long you wish to store them. You should also check if some require a climate-controlled environment, like wooden furniture, clothing, and artwork.

Visit the facilities

Before finalizing a company, it would be best to visit the facility to ensure they do not compromise on security. It can also help you understand how far it is from your home and how accessible it is. Check the condition of the storage and whether or not it has CCTV camera surveillance.

Using an Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Visting storage units can also help you understand how your belongings can fit in here. You can check the size of the room and mentally prepare a layout for your items, which helps you ensure you’re renting a storage unit of the correct size. Sometimes, physically visiting the facility can help you be more confident in your decision and let you consider alternate options if the amenities don’t meet your expectations.

Rent your unit

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit for You

Once you have decided which storage you want to rent, you can go for an in-person or online booking. Many storage facilities offer online leasing because it is convenient and less time-consuming. Usually, you would have to book an appointment for walk-ins to ensure that a leasing agent would be present to help you sign the contract.

However, an in-person booking is a sensible option if you have yet to visit the facility and want to look around before signing. But if you have already seen the facility and are short on time, you can make an online account to rent your unit successfully.

Prepare your items

Now that you have finalized a storage facility, it is time to pack and secure your belongings. Use high-quality packing material and bubble wrap fragile items to prevent damage from moving, and label each box so things don’t get lost. If you are storing clothes, remember to clean and dry them before storing them to prevent mold or water damage. It would be best to dismantle large furniture for smooth transportation and to make more room in your storage unit. Consider wrapping a few pieces like table glass, headboards, or mirrors in plastic wrap to protect them from damage.

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However, there are some items you aren’t allowed to keep in storage. Some of them include:

  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Perishable items like food
  • Dead or alive animals
  • Money
  • Fur
  • Flammable or toxic materials

Once you have successfully transferred your items, you can arrange them to utilize the most space. For example, avoid keeping your mattress on the floor. Instead, consider putting it on top of boxes to preserve space and ensure it doesn’t get damaged. You can also place items on other furniture like tables or chairs.

Consider insurance

Storage companies ask their customers to have insurance to recover the cost of their belongings in the event of theft, fire, or any other damage. However, each facility offers its own policies and sometimes doesn’t cover water or smoke damage. This exclusion can result in financial loss, so you must carefully consider everything your insurance covers before signing a contract.

This insurance can cost $8 to $38 monthly. Renters insurance protects the items you keep in storage by covering 10% of your insurance policy limit. However, you may need to expand your total coverage limit when you’re storing valuable items to ensure you can cover the costs.

Organizing A Storage Unit

Efficiently organizing a storage unit requires meticulous planning and organization. First, opt for uniform, sturdy boxes and containers to maximize vertical space. Labeling each box with its contents facilitates easy retrieval, making locating items without extensive searching simpler. Moreover, creating aisles between stacks ensures convenient access to items at the back, eliminating the need to rearrange everything each time.

For items you frequently use, strategically position them near the entrance to minimize the effort required for retrieval. Consider installing shelves to optimize vertical space utilization if the storage unit allows. Additionally, disassembling larger furniture items is a smart move, saving valuable space. Take advantage of furniture interiors for extra storage capacity.

It’s crucial to safeguard fragile items with appropriate packing materials and mark boxes as fragile. In cases where the storage unit lacks climate control, exercise caution with items sensitive to temperature changes. Positioning valuable items in less accessible areas adds an extra layer of security. Investing in a high-quality lock further ensures the safety of your belongings.

To streamline the process, maintain an inventory list to keep track of stored items efficiently. These strategies contribute to an organized storage unit, saving time and effort when retrieving your belongings.

Conclusion on How To Rent A Storage In Six Simple Steps

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Renting a storage unit is a reasonably straightforward process. However, choosing a trustworthy and appropriate facility is essential. You want a secure and clean space to store your belongings until you need them again. If you are a first-time storage customer, follow the steps in this article to rent storage easily.

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