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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit for You

After a year of running your business, schooling, or living in your home, you likely have accumulated a lot of stuff. While you may want to relocate or downsize, figuring out what to do with your belongings can be overwhelming. You can donate some of the items, but what happens to the things you want to keep but lack the space?

Self storage units are becoming popular as people are looking for secure places to store their belongings. Whether you want to create more room in your college dorm, business, or home, getting a storage unit that fits your needs will ease your life. Self storage marketing makes almost all storage facilities look perfect, but you should consider some factors before settling on one.

Read on for a complete guide to choosing the right self storage in Queens.

What is a self storage unit?

A self storage unit is a compartment where you can store stuff that cannot fit in your house, business place, or apartment. Self storage units offer an affordable and convenient solution to moving to a bigger location, as you can sign up without leaving your current location.

Tenants at conventional self-storage facilities can drive up to their units, which are housed in a single-story facility. Newer facilities are multi-story, allowing access through a shared loading area.

Why You Need A Self Storage Unit

Self storage is available for businesses, homeowners, and other renters for personal and commercial use. Personal storage revolves around life-changing events, while a business will consider self storage as a cost-effective measure since it is often more affordable than relocating.

Among the reasons for renting a self storage unit include:

  • Moving – Homeowners and renters often choose self storage when relocating to fill the gap between purchasing a new home and moving in. When downsizing, a storage unit will also be useful if you have more possessions than your new home can hold.
  • Business storage – Businesses consider self storage beyond downsizing and cutting down costs to include storage of inventory, equipment, tool, vehicle storage, and warehouse storage for manufacturers.
  • Changes in your life – Some lifestyle changes can leave you with extra furniture and possessions, and opting for self-storage as you weigh your plans is advisable. For instance, the death of a family member will leave you with a room full of unused stuff. Other changes include marriage, childbirth, divorce or separation, and death in a family.
  • Decluttering – If you are a seasonal buyer or cannot pull a garage sale, such that your space feels crowded, it is time to rent a self storage. This way, you can store the items you value in a safe space to maintain the sanity in your space.

Other factors that may necessitate a self storage unit include home remodeling and relocation due to military transfers or deployments.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Self Storage In Queens

Every self storage in Queens features unique facilities, and your selection should be based on how well the facility meets your personal and commercial needs. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a self storage facility.

The Storage Unit Costs

Most self storage units base their costs on the size and the features they offer. The bigger and more equipped a facility is, the higher the prices. You can compare the prices across facilities offering similar features and pick the most affordable.

Type Of Storage Unit

Self storage units in Queens can be of different types, including outdoor, indoor, container, lock-ups, mobile, and garage storage facilities, each with unique functions and purposes. Therefore, check your needs against the type of facility when selecting a storage unit.

Size Of The Storage Facility

Underestimating or overestimating the storage space that you need can be problematic. Therefore, determine the size of your storage based on the quantity and nature of the items you want to store. You can take inventory of your items and their sizes to estimate better the storage unit size you need.

While shopping for the right size self storage, you should also check the ceiling height to ensure everything fits in length and width. Some self storage unit sizes you can get in self storage in Queens include 5×5, 5×10, 5×15, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, 10×25, and 10×30 storage units. The 10×10 storage units are mostly leased and can hold the constituents of a standard apartment, including large appliances, furniture, outdoor furniture sets, and dining room tables.

The Types Of Contracts

The duration you will store your items in a storage facility is crucial in determining the best self storage unit. If you are uncertain of the duration, try a month-to-month lease to make monthly payments for the storage, then stop payment when you are not using the facility. However, if you need to use the facility longterm, consider leasing it yearly to save on costs.

Security Of The Storage Facility

A secure storage unit is ideal if you do not want to expose your property to thieves. As you look for a safe self storage in Queens, ask whether there is in-person security, CCTV surveillance for the unit, or video monitoring, as this will guarantee the safety of your items. Other security features to check include secure keypad entry and indoor and outdoor lighting.

Check For Vehicle Storage

Self storage facilities are useful for storing small bicycles to large RVs. Vehicle storage is available in three types: indoors, uncovered, and covered. Outdoor storage comprises an oversized parking space secured behind a gate and under surveillance for security. Covered outdoor storage is similar to outdoor storage but with a roof to protect your vehicle from weather elements. Using an all-weather vehicle cover is advisable if intending to use the uncovered and covered options for prolonged periods. Indoor storage includes drive-up and shared warehouse-style units.

Check For Climate Control

Climate changes, including severe cold, heat, and humidity, can take a toll on your stored belongings, especially those sensitive to temperature changes. To prevent damage, consider a self storage unit in Queens with climate-controlled units. The rooms should be dry and cool, hence check for air-conditioned storage during summer and heated storage during winter. Self storage rooms should also be clean with active pest control to prevent the destruction of your items by pests.

Climate-controlled units prevent the development of mildew, mold, warping, or moisture on your items. You can talk to your provider for expert guidance on the units available to meet your needs. Among the items that require climate control during storage include:

  • Upholstery and furniture
  • Clothing
  • Antiques and old photographs
  • Electronics and household appliances
  • Important business inventory and supplies

Check For Insurance

Tenant or renters insurance is a way to protect your belongings in the storage unit and a requirement for some units. You can get this insurance from insurance companies or your current homeowner’s policy. Getting insurance is ideal when storing valuable items and where the unit is vulnerable to damage or theft. Some storage unit contracts also require tenants to pay for their insurance.

Ease Of Access And Convenience

Storage facilities are of different sizes, some with multiple floors and different-sized driveways. While a storage unit may have one building, the storage units can complicate your access to the unit. A storage unit on the ground floor next to the loading bay will be most desirable, but if a storage has multiple spaces, consider one that offers easy access, such as a drive-up storage unit.

Storage in an indoor storage facility will require you to carry your items from the facility to your unit. This can be hectic if dealing with bulky stuff. Therefore, check for equipment availability like trollies, forklifts, and pallet trucks for ease of movement.

Accessibility also has to do with the storage facility being open. This means before selecting a self storage unit in Queens, check the facility’s working hours and whether they are compatible with your personal needs, especially if you want to access outside business hours. Some facilities give 24-hour access to their clients, which is ideal for persons who work long or unusual hours. Also, check if the facility opens over the weekend, as some may be closed or limit access, especially on Sundays. Researching emergency access is also advisable, and confirming whether this attracts extra charges.

Location Of The Facility

The location of the self storage facility is critical, depending on how often you intend to access it. If you plan to visit the facility frequently, choose one closer to your home as this will be easier and more affordable to access, despite the unit cost of the shelf. On the other hand, if you intend to visit the storage unit occasionally, look for affordable options, even if it is further away from your locality.

Settle For the Right Self Storage Unit

With the increasing number of self storage units, settling on the best one is challenging. This necessitates tenants to be attentive to the facilities’ services and the measures that matter to them. With proper research, you will get a self storage unit that meets your needs effectively, whether relocating, decluttering, storing important documents, or adjusting to life changes.

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