May 24, 2024
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Transform Your Bathing Experience: The Magic of Soaker Tubs

Do you want to Transform Your Bathing Experience with the Magic of Soaker Tubs? Bathtubs are an essential bathroom fixture, as they bring a luxurious feel to the room’s interior. Not only do bathtubs become a focal point of a room, but they also help individuals relax and de-stress after a tiring workday. Additionally, installing a bathtub can increase a home’s value by 53% to 58%.

Since there are various types of contemporary bathtubs available in the market, it can be confusing to decide which one is the best one. One of the best options is to choose a soaker tub as it can easily fit into a small space. Moreover, its beautiful shape further elevates the bathroom’s aesthetics.

What Is a Soaker Bathtub?

A soaker tub is a freestanding bathtub that generally comes in an oval shape. However, homeowners can also find them in rectangles and round shapes. The main feature that sets them apart from standard bathtubs is the depth.

Magic of Soaker Tubs

Soaker bathtubs are wider in the center, allowing individuals to completely submerge underwater while taking a bath. An average soaker tub has a depth of 27 to 34 inches and a diameter of 40 to 50 inches. In comparison, a standard bathtub is 60 inches long and 14 to 16 inches deep.

As soaker bathtubs have a freestanding bottom, they require less floor space than traditional built-in bathtubs. Some of these tubs have crawler legs, while other models can be directly placed on the bathroom floor.

Types of Soaker Bathtubs

Soaker bathtubs are divided into three types based on their material. These include:

  • Wood: Wooden soaker bathtubs pair well with rustic home interiors, and they can last for up to 20 years. They also have several health benefits because the hot temperature of water activates the medicinal properties of the wood, detoxifying the body and improving the sleep cycle.
  • Cast Iron: Cast iron tubs are made from durable material and retain heat for longer periods. Since it is made from iron, it is heavy in weight compared to other types of tubs. Due to its high weight, it can cause damage to the bathroom floor.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic tubs are constructed from sheets of acrylic plastic sheets that are heated, placed in vacuum-formed molds, and reinforced to retain their shape. These tubs are lightweight and most popular among homeowners due to their affordable price.

Reasons to Install a Soaking BathtubCustomer Challenges Electricians Face

These are some of the main reasons high lighting is why installing a soaking bathtub is a good investment.

Enjoy Spa-Like Treatment

Unlike traditional bathtubs, soaking tubs transform a standard bathing experience into a spa-like treatment. Their specious center allows submersion of the entire body, creating a sense of weightlessness and relieving pressure from the aching joints and muscles.

Bathers can also use it for hydrotherapy to promote their well-being. They can treat the tub as a hydrotherapy pool, soaking their body first in warm and then cold water to promote healthy blood circulation.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Individuals suffering from cardiovascular problems, especially high blood pressure, can benefit from taking a bath in a soaking bathtub. Completely submerging in hot water causes blood vessels to dilate, which results in lowered blood pressure and a better heart rate.

Moreover, healthy individuals can also reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by regularly soaking in a hot tub. Due to these health benefits, it is a good decision to invest in a soaker tub.

Wrapping Up

Conclusion homedesignlooks

Soaking bathtubs are wider in the middle and shorter in length to ensure the entire body submerges in the water during the bath. These tubs come in three types, wood, acrylic, and cast iron, and offer different advantages. The wood tub has medicinal benefits, the acrylic one is affordable and light, and the cast iron one is durable. Moreover, soaking bathtubs offer spa-like treatment and improve cardiovascular health. Therefore, homeowners need to select this tub to improve their bathing experience.

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