May 24, 2024
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4 Renovation Ideas to Add an Expensive Touch to Your Home

We will discuss 4 Renovation Ideas to Add an Expensive Touch to Your Home. Everybody has a dream house, a house that exudes luxury, reflects your personality, and shows your creativity. And recently, as remote work is on the rise and people are staying in their houses for longer, they are focusing more than ever on making their homes a relaxing, decluttered, and fresh space. Homeowners and home remodelers are placing a huge focus on giving houses an expensive look.

Believe it or not, giving your house an expensive look can be done economically. There are small remodeling projects you can opt for that will change the entire look of your house. And renovating your house to make it look expensive will not only enhance your living experience but will also drastically increase the property’s value.

The housing market has been booming in every city lately. For example, in Hinsdale, IL, the median sale price of a home in July 2023 was $1.3 million, which is 40.8% more than last year. Now imagine renovating your home and increasing its value in the market even more.

So here are 4 Renovation Ideas to Add an Expensive Touch to Your Home.

1.     Remodel The Bathroom:

White Bathtub Near Brown Wooden Door

Opting for a bathroom remodel is a win-win for you because it will make your bathroom experience much better by improving functionality. It will increase the value of your property. And, of course, it will give an expensive touch to your space. The best thing is that you don’t need to knock over everything and replace each thing in your bathroom to upgrade it. Even minor changes, like changing the shower or a bathtub, can drastically change the entire bathroom’s look. You should hire the best bathroom remodeling company in your area for this task.

If, say, you live in Hinsdale, IL, The Bath Center is an excellent Hinsdale bathroom remodeling company that can provide you with the best professional services and change your bathroom’s look in just five days. While making changes in the bathroom, keep in mind the latest trends, too.

2.     Enhance The Walls:

By working on the walls, you can give a complete facelift to any room. There are several ways you can make walls look expensive. You can repaint them. As the trends keep changing and different paint colors come into trend, you can opt for a color that is more in demand nowadays. A simple trick that can completely enhance the look of your house is painting your walls and doors in contrast. That will give it more of a bold, eye-catching, and luxurious look.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Another way to enhance walls is by adding some architectural interest to the walls. You can add a beadboard, a shiplap, a wood salt wall, etc. These things will transform your house from looking plain and boring to glamorous and intriguing due to added dimensions. By matching the furniture color with such types of walls, your home will look like a luxurious suite.

Funky, bold, and fun wallpapers are so in demand nowadays. And it’s easy to add wallpaper yourself. You can use peel-and-stick wallpaper instead of a permanent one and can change it whenever you want. If you want to put in the minutest effort, you can easily add wall plates and unique mirrors to your walls.

3.     Renovate The Windows And Add New Curtains:

Every scene showing a luxurious house on TV always begins with someone pulling beautiful curtains on a big window. That’s because windows and curtains play a huge role in giving an expensive touch to a house. You should update your windows by repainting them or adding new and trendy knobs, locks, or handles. You can also change the window frames in your house completely and remodel them. You can opt for different materials for windows, like wood, metal, etc.

Window Installation

You should focus on the type and height of the curtains as well. Layering the blinds and adding extra-long sheers will change the look of any room. You can choose curtains in contrasting colors; for example, dark brown curtains with a beige-themed room. This instantly enhances the look. There are tons of curtain styles to choose from as well. If you want a blackout situation, you can use plain blackout roller blinds.

An important factor you need to consider is the height of the curtains. The height of your curtain pole can make a huge difference. We all know that heightened ceilings are the epitome of luxury living, and by hanging your curtain pole high, you can achieve a heightened ceiling look. The key is to have long curtains and add the curtain pole not close to the window height but closer to the ceiling. Floor-length curtains will make your house look like a luxurious mansion.

4.     Update Your Kitchen:

The kitchen is the most used space in every house. That’s why it’s often the most worn-out place in the house, too. And especially if you have an open kitchen that’s outdated, it can halt the look of your entire house. You can update your kitchen with rather simple little things. You can add floating shelves in your kitchen and display your spices and herbs there in beautiful, labeled jars. You can also put small and cute little plants on your kitchen shelves and windows to give more of a fresh look.

A man Remodeling the Kitchen

You can also add new cabinets in your kitchen to get more storage space. A clean, organized, and tidy kitchen where appliances and crockery are not spread all over and are instead stored in proper cabinets will look chic, well-maintained, and expensive enough. You can also change the kitchen floor to wood-like vinyl to give it more of an earthy feel. You can add a show-stopping light fixture right above the island to create a mesmerizing look.

There are tons of design, color, material, and style options in these things to choose from. For example, you can use different materials for countertops and the island.


Conclusion homedesignlooks

If you want to give your house an expensive look without making a hole in your wallet, this article is for you. It seems difficult to achieve an expensive-looking house within a budget, but it’s not impossible. You don’t need to knock everything over and start from scratch to achieve. Even minor upgrades can give your house an expensive look.

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