May 24, 2024

7 Tips for Using an Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Everyone wants their home to be safe and secure from any possible intruders. CCTV or security cameras are the best options to keep your home secure. Whether you are at your home or have gone somewhere away, these security cameras can help a lot in securing your home. The cameras installed outside the home, preferably near the main entrance, play a vital role.

These cameras have many security features, including night vision, live coverage of what’s happening around your home, video and audio recording, and a live two-way talking facility. You can watch the footage captured by these cameras on your mobile phone and your laptop.

Some more advanced cameras can differentiate between a human or animal or a vehicle movement. The main idea is to keep you alert of movements outside your home and send you alerts whenever any entry points are compromised.

What is Home Security?

Home security is a complete security package, including CCTV cameras, recording devices, and operating software that connects the security cameras with your smartphone and laptop to get instant alerts about unwanted movement around your home entry points.

The footage can also be transmitted to any designated cloud services, enabling you to retrieve and watch them anytime, anywhere. It allows you to keep a watch on your home, no matter how far away you are. Some advanced security packages also have the facility to get immediate help from local police authorities if required.

Utility of outdoor security cameras

Outdoor security cameras are very important in this whole security plan. Apart from providing instant help about possible threats to your home, it also has another utility. The footages captured by these cameras are helpful for criminal investigation if required at any stage.

This footage can be valid and acceptable evidence of any criminal activity outside your home. Another interesting utility of outdoor cameras – many possible intruders may get away from your home when they realize that they are being monitored by the surveillance cameras.

Here are some tips on using an outdoor security camera:

  1. Best possible location – The place where an outdoor security camera is installed is very crucial. It should primarily cover the front side of your home and the main entrance door. It should be able to capture a clear and identifiable view of the face of a person approaching the main door. The next consideration would be to keep it out of reach of an intruder. At the same time, it should remain visible. Don’t try to conceal it. A visible camera is better for security purposes. Considering all these aspects, the camera must be installed at the maximum possible height but not compromise the quality of footage of the main entrance door. The ideal height may be around 10 feet.
  2. Test Run – Before installing the camera at the selected place, a test run of the system is necessary. Temporarily connect it with the security system and see if it works perfectly. Once you are satisfied with its performance, it should only be installed. After installation, another test may be done to ensure it’s working according to your expectations.
  3. Additional Cameras – Depending on the situation outside the home, you may need to install one or two additional cameras. You may need to install one additional camera on the back of your home if there are windows or open spaces like a backyard. Coming back to the front, see if the entire front side is covered by the camera. If required, you may add another front outdoor camera.
  4. Connectivity – Cameras need a power supply to work. Make sure that they are connected to an uninterrupted power supply. These cameras also need internet connectivity. Ensure your home Wi-Fi signals are strong enough to reach these cameras. Depending on the situation, you may need to install extra Wi-Fi routers to keep the security equipment connected to the internet.
  5. Motion Detection – These cameras can detect any movement within a specified range. You can use this facility to focus on the entrance door or windows. Any movement in these specified areas will be detected by the camera, and the system will instantly send an alert to your connected mobile phone. Some High tech cameras can also identify whether this moving object is a human or an animal. So, it can send an alert if you set it to detect only human motion. This feature is quite useful.
  6. Account Security – The security system to which your outdoor cameras are connected must remain fully secured. Set a strong password to operate and enter into the system. Keep changing the password frequently. Never disclose your password to anyone. If this system is left open for all, any burglar can easily disable the cameras or even the entire security system. Installing these cameras secures your home, especially when you are away. So, make sure to protect the secrecy of your account.
  7. Ensure Cleanliness of Cameras – Make it a habit to cleanse the cameras. Remove dust and dirt or any spider web that may accumulate on them. A dusty camera will not function as expected. The footage may not be clear enough. A periodic visual inspection of the lenses of these cameras will be a good routine.


Conclusion homedesignlooks

The safety of your home or commercial is of prime significance. It helps you to avoid any possible burglary attempt. You cannot guard your home 24/7. Here the role of outdoor security cameras comes into play. Outdoor security cameras connected with the complete security system of your house are the best option.

You can connect this system to your mobile phone to get footage and instant alerts. Buy sound-quality security systems and cameras. Ensure their timely servicing and maintenance. Test their performance off and on to ensure they are working per plans.

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