May 24, 2024
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Selling Your House? Don’t Forget These 7 Home Upgrades

We will tell you these 7 Home Upgrades before putting it on the market so you can get the most of the money possible for your property. When you first tell people you’re planning to sell your house, they often respond with a barrage of questions. “Why are you selling?” and “Where are you moving to?” are usually the first two. But as the conversation progresses, one question always arises: How much do you think you’ll get for it?

It is one of the most important questions to consider when it comes time to sell your house. Because if you want to get the most money possible for your property, you’ll need to do some upgrades before putting it on the market.

Home improvements can help turn your old, run-down house into a move-in-ready home that most homebuyers seek. And since the upgrades will increase your house’s value, curb appeal, and perceived quality, they can help you get a better asking price and a faster sale.

So, what kind of upgrades should you make? Of course, it depends on your budget, the time left to sell, and the improvements that will most benefit your property. But if you’re looking for a few upgrades that will make a big difference, here are seven to consider:

1.    Shower Replacement

White Bathtub Near Brown Wooden Door

It may seem like a small detail, but replacing an old shower with a new one can boost your house’s value and appeal. A modern shower could be just the thing that attracts potential buyers.

You can customize your shower with enclosures, showerheads, and accessories in various traditional and contemporary styles. Plus, you can choose from multiple color and pattern options so your shower looks as unique as the rest of your home. Since this is not typically a DIY project, work with a professional shower replacement company to avoid installation issues and ensure your shower area looks spectacular. These experts can also advise you on the best material and design options.

2.    Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

modern kitchen

One look at your cabinets can reveal whether it’s an outdated kitchen or a modern, desirable space. So, to give the best first impression, consider refinishing your cabinets.

You can paint them a new color, apply varnish for an extra glossy finish, or add new hardware like knobs and handles with contemporary, modern pieces. If you have the budget, you can replace the cabinets with brand-new ones in a style that meets current trends. Remember to choose finishes and materials that match the rest of your home design for a cohesive aesthetic.

3.    New Flooring

You might wonder, “Is it worth replacing the floors before putting my house on the market?” The answer is it depends. If your existing flooring is in good condition and still looks modern, you might get a reasonable price without a floor upgrade. A thorough cleaning and a little touch-up here and there will do.

Engineered Flooring

However, if your floors are old, stained, or showing signs of wear and tear, replacing them could be the best investment in making your home more attractive to buyers. Choose a durable and stylish material, such as hardwood, laminate, stone, or tile. Make sure they are evenly installed for a professional-looking finish.

4.    Entryway Upgrade

Nothing says “welcome home” quite like a well-maintained entryway. After all, it’s the first area potential buyers will see when they arrive at your house, and if it looks inviting, it will pique their interest in the rest of your home.

The good thing is you don’t need to break the bank to create an attractive entryway. Consider painting the walls in a color that boosts curb appeal, adding decorative accents like wreaths or wall art, and replacing your entryway fixtures with a doorbell, doormat, and lighting.

If you have a driveway, consider repairing the pavement to add a bit of curb appeal. And while you’re at it, plant shrubs and flowers along the walkways for an added touch of color.

5.    Window Upgrades

If your home was built decades ago and you never replaced the windows, now is the time to upgrade. Outdated windows not only make the living space old-fashioned but also lead to air leaks, making your home less energy-efficient.

Window Installation

So, it’s best to invest in new energy-efficient windows made of sturdy materials that offer good insulation. You can opt for ceiling-to-floor windows to let more light into the house or choose a classic design, depending on your preference. Also, pick the right window frames, panes, and hardware to complete the look.

Some other options for updating your windows include installing decorative shutters, adding window treatments like blinds or curtains, and accenting with plants.

6.    Plumbing Upgrades

Nobody would want to invest in a house with leaky faucets, constantly clogged drains, or a faulty water system. These plumbing issues aren’t only unsightly but signs of poor maintenance and costly repair.

plumber man fixing kitchen sink

So, to make your home more marketable, it’s best to fix any plumbing issues before putting it up for sale. Consider replacing rotten pipes, leaking taps, or outdated fixtures with modern and efficient ones.

Also, install low-flow faucets and toilets that use less water, adding ‘eco’ benefits to your home. Check for any clogs in the drains and get them professionally cleaned. It will help make your home more attractive to buyers while keeping the plumbing system in top condition.

7.    Security Upgrades

Apart from aesthetics, potential buyers also want a safe and secure home. It includes installing safety features, such as security lights, surveillance cameras, smart locks with keyless entry, etc., to protect the property from theft or other malicious activities.

Using an Outdoor Home Security Cameras

If you cannot go all out, ensure a well-defined property boundary with a fence and secure entry points, and trim any overgrown vegetation. Alternatively, check the smoke detectors and fire alarms to ensure they’re in good working condition.


Conclusion homedesignlooks

It may be tempting to just put a “house on sale” sign and wait for buyers to come in. However, making a few additional upgrades and repairs can make a big difference in the salability of your home. Shower replacement is one of the most important updates for any home, as leaky or dated showers can be a major turn-off for potential buyers. Additionally, consider doing plumbing repairs, entryway upgrades, flooring replacements, window replacements, and security upgrades to make your property more secure and get higher returns.

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