April 15, 2024

Bugsy Siegel’s Beverly Hills House Is on the Market

The mansion where Bugsy Siegel rented and was murdered is on the market for $16.9 million. The gangster’s home was in Beverly Hills, California, and you can catch a glimpse of the property’s lavish interior through current photos online. If you fancy owning a slice of American Crime History, this is one offer you cannot afford to miss.

Who Was Bugsy Siegel?

Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was a household name in the early 1900s. He came from a crime-ridden background in New York City but rose to the height of fame and fortune in Southern California. It was only after his violent death that many came to witness his significant role in the Mob.

From a young age, Bugsy extorted money for protection from pushcart peddlers in New York City’s Lower East Side. He later befriended Meyer Lansky, and they founded the Bugs and Meyer gang before graduating to work for the Italian Mafia. Bugsy Siegel lost his life on the evening of June 20th, 1940, after he got shot multiple times in his Beverly hills residence.

Although the property has Dr. Joel Aoronwitz and Fiona Chalom as its owners, its value continues to rise as many remain fascinated with the living room where Bugsy got shot and killed by a gunman.

Bugsy Siegel’s Murder Mansion Lists for $17M

Property Management

Seventy-five years ago, Bugsy Siegel was shot and killed in his rented Beverly Hills mansion on Linden Drive. Myra Nourmand of Nourmand & Associates recently listed the death house with an asking price of $16.9 million.

The seven-bedroom house was an excellent property with a Spanish-like design. The first thing you’ll notice when visiting the residence is a two-floor entry featuring original iron railings, a grand staircase, and hand-painted tiles. Another fascinating aspect of the property is that it still has the original structure built in 1928 but is well maintained.

According to Myra Nourmand, the only upgrades in recent years were a new pool with a pool cover and a new kitchen fitted with modern equipment. The property also features a private hedged yard less than a mile from the famous Beverly Hills Hotel.

Unlike many Spanish-like properties built in the 1920s, this house has sufficient lighting from the numerous windows and high ceilings. You also have private space to think and unwind at the top of the mansion’s tower. This room is perfect for creative minds like writers and musicians.

It would help to note that Bugsy Siegel did not own the mansion but leased it to Virginia Hill, his mistress. Bugsy had other properties across the country. For example, he built an estate in Holmby Hills for his wife Esta, but it was torn down and replaced after they sold it in 2013.


Although the Siegel death house might not appeal to every buyer, it holds a distinctive mystique and luxurious property. The new owners will enjoy entertaining their guests with tales of one of the previous tenants. The property also holds its value well; you can transform it into a stunning home for only $16.9M.

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