June 25, 2024
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5 Interior Design Styles That Will Rule This Decade [2020-2030]

The pandemic lockdowns brought sweeping changes to the perception of interior design. Suddenly, people were locked indoors and forced to spend a great deal of time watching the walls, furniture, appliances, and interior décor in general. Even now, work-from-home keeps them inside for the better part of the day. As people spend more time inside, the “role” of interior design in their lives is changing. They see more value in improving and customizing their homes to meet their aesthetic sensibilities and functional needs. They want the interior design to be more multifunctional, comfortable, and open.

How should you go about designing your home? You now have to make design decisions that are time-proof or at least last a decade. And how do you go about it?

The simple answer: listen to interior design experts. They know how designs work, age, and evolve.

Without further ado, here are the top expert design predictions that will rule the decade.

Nature Never Goes Out of Style

In a world where lockdowns have become the norm, indoor plants provide a much-needed connection to nature. You cannot go wrong with indoor plants. They add a wisp of freshness, openness, and a bit of drama to your space.

plants, kitchen

When styling the plants, proportion is the key. A large plant can beautifully frame a large entrance. Smaller plants like blush roses, in groups of three or five, give a cozy feel to the corners. You can also opt for hanging plants, create green walls with small potted plants, use trailing vines, and do so much more. Don’t underestimate the aesthetics of a planter. They are not just vessels to grow your plant; they also play the role of an interesting décor element in the room. Best of all, they are not space-hungry. So, you can add more planters and ergo more plants.

In a world where people are increasingly ordering in food, consuming entertainment inside, getting essentials delivered at home, and now even working indoors, indoor plants will be a more recurrent interior design theme. In fact, they may even become central themes around which the home is designed.

For All Big Design Decisions, Go Neutral.

Your walls, bathrooms, counters, and even your couches will serve you a lot longer if you pick a neutral color tone. Most homeowners indulge in the latest “it” color, making their house trendy for a season or two. Any bold design choice certainly comes with an expiration date. But neutral tones are going to rule this decade and maybe survive the test of time.


Do not spend on expensive pieces in non-neutral colors. When you choose neutral, you always get the option to layer them with colors that are on-trend. So, you can let a neutral wall stand bare when minimalism is trendy, and when it’s not, you can accessorize it with paintings, photographs, or an accent chair. You do not have to paint the wall every year to match the design trend.

Follow the rule of thumb “fewer is more” for your restroom. A soothing environment in the morning breathes new life into you to tackle the day head-on. At night, the same neutral tones will create a relaxing ambiance, which will help you unwind.

Sustainable Products Will Prevail

Sustainability will continue to be a significant part of interior design throughout the decade. With the climate situation deteriorating and climate awareness improving, the customer demand for sustainable products will increase. Interior designers and the marketplace are already servicing such requests.

There are so many sustainable flooring choices out there. These materials do not harm the environment and are at par with traditional flooring options. These renewable flooring materials include cork, bamboo, rubber, and coconut flooring, among other options.

While a tree takes 20 years to grow, bamboo only needs about three to five years to produce the material for flooring. Natural rubber flooring (instead of synthetic rubber) works best for spaces like home studios that require sound insulation. Coconut trees have also been processed to make flooring. They work as a perfect replacement for timber typically used in outdoor flooring.

The demand for such sustainable options will continue to grow through the decade.

Vintage Pieces Haven’t Gone Out of Style. And They Won’t

Vintage is hot, and the love for it is not cooling down anytime soon. The dovetail joints and time-withered wood accentuate the freshness of the modern pieces around them. The same goes for old rugs; their intricate handwork contrasts beautifully with the newness of the room. Anything a century or a half old adds character to your space. Objects with some age on them will create intrigue and lend warmth. Nostalgia is certainly stylish and will remain so for the rest of the decade.

Apart from its personality and aesthetics, a vintage piece brings uniqueness to your home décor. Whether you are showcasing an heirloom or a fabulous find from a garage sale, no one else will have the same piece. You cannot say the same about a mass-produced showpiece from a big-box store.

Layering the Right Materials

Opting for a modern organic design means making a choice that looks fashionable for at least a decade. Pair rich natural materials like marble, silk, leather, and cashmere with earthy materials like clay, jute, linen, wood, stone, and metal. Enjoy the effect that is borne out of the contrast of the smoothness of one material with the imperfections of the other. The pairing of these luxurious materials with the rugged, natural materials creates an interesting visual impact.

Whether you give your home a vintage, traditional, or contemporary look, you can use furniture made out of rattan, grasscloth, and wicker. They’ll melt into the décor seamlessly. Even a decade later, a grasscloth table, a rattan mirror, or a bamboo patio chair will sit well with your home décor. You can style them with luxe materials if you’d like. This design story is relevant today and will stay interesting over the coming decade.

Making Smart Interior Design Choices

Interior design fads come and go, but incorporating these five design styles into your home will ensure that you enjoy an effortlessly stylish space for a long time. Use these five tips to create a template for your home’s interior design, and then fill in the details with your own personal style. You can also consult a professional interior designer to ensure that the end product is spectacular and bears good returns. The compliments won’t stop. We promise!

Vintage wall decor art, in particular, holds a special allure in home decor. These timeless pieces, often boasting mid-century modern or Art Deco aesthetics, can transport your space to a different era. The weathered canvas, faded colors, and evocative imagery tell their own stories, adding a layer of history to your interior design. Whether it’s a vintage movie poster, an antique oil painting, or a collection of retro prints, these wall art treasures can serve as conversation starters and focal points in your home, enhancing the nostalgic charm that vintage decor exudes.

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