July 21, 2024

Unveiling Joe Burrow’s Residences: Where Does Joe Burrow Live

Joe Burrow, the celebrated quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals, has not only dazzled football enthusiasts with his on-field prowess but has also captivated our attention with his choice of homes in Ohio. In this article, we embark on a tour of Joe Burrow’s residences, exploring his modest yet meaningful childhood abode in Athens, Ohio, and his stylish dwelling in Cincinnati.

Joe Burrow’s journey from a standout quarterback in Athens, Ohio, to the face of the Cincinnati Bengals is a remarkable story. While his success on the field is widely celebrated, his choice of homes provides a unique insight into the character of this charismatic athlete.

Where Does Joe Burrow Live

Here is the list of Joe Burrow’s Houses listed below.

Joe Burrow’s Childhood Home in Athens, Ohio:

Joe Burrow's Childhood Home in Athens, Ohio

Born and raised in the quaint city of The Plains, Ohio, Joe’s football journey began in Athens. Despite his meteoric rise, he continues to reside in his childhood home, showcasing a commitment to his roots.

The property, purchased by the Burrow family in 2005 for $240,000, holds sentimental value. With an open-concept living area featuring hardwood floors and ample natural light, Joe’s choice of a modest yet charming home resonates with his down-to-earth nature.


Property Value: $325,000 (estimated)

Bedrooms: 4 | Bathrooms: 3

Location: The Plains, Athens County, Ohio

Notable Features: Well-manicured backyard, an ideal spot for outdoor entertainment.

Joe Burrow’s New House in Cincinnati, Ohio:

Joe Burrow's New House in Cincinnati, Ohio

Following his triumph at Louisiana State University (LSU), Joe Burrow’s football career soared, leading him to the Cincinnati Bengals. In 2020, he acquired a new residence in Cincinnati, Ohio, reflecting his professional success. Valued at approximately $835,000, the 2,900-square-foot mansion boasts modern amenities, including a high ceiling, fireplace, and a spacious garage for two automobiles.


Property Value: $835,000

Bedrooms: 4 | Bathrooms: 4

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Notable Features: High ceiling, fireplace, spacious garage.

Joe Burrow’s Commitment to His Roots:

Despite his newfound success, Joe Burrow’s heart remains in Athens. Living with his parents in his Ohio home, Joe has exemplified a commitment to staying connected to his origins. Often jokingly referred to as a “millionaire living in his parents’ basement,” Joe’s choice reflects humility and gratitude.

Expanding on Joe Burrow’s Impact:

Beyond his impressive homes, Joe Burrow’s impact extends far beyond the walls of his residences. As a beloved sports figure, he has become a symbol of resilience and community engagement. Joe’s philanthropic endeavors during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he generously donated approximately $700,000 to aid families in need in Ohio and Cincinnati, showcase his commitment to giving back.

This aspect of Joe Burrow’s character not only elevates his status as a football star but also reinforces the narrative of a compassionate and socially responsible individual. As we delve into the spaces he calls home, it becomes evident that Joe Burrow’s story is not just about houses; it’s about the positive influence he strives to impart both on and off the field.

Noteworthy Facts about Joe Burrow:

Joe wears the number 9 jersey in every game as a tribute to his father, Jimmy Burrow.

Despite a knee injury during his rookie NFL season, Joe demonstrated resilience, undergoing surgery and making a full recovery.

An academic achiever, Joe was named to the SEC Honor Roll multiple times during his college career.


FAQ sign

Q1: What is the net worth of Joe Burrow?

As of 2023, Joe Burrow’s net worth is $10 million. His four-year $36.19 million contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, signed in the 2020 NFL draft, contributes significantly to his earnings.

Q2: How much did Joe Burrow’s houses cost?

Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati house, purchased in June 2020, is valued at $835,000. The childhood home in Athens, Ohio, was acquired by the Burrow family in 2005 for approximately $240,000.


Conclusion homedesignlooks

Joe Burrow’s choice of residences reflects not only his success as an athlete but also his humility and commitment to his roots. Whether in the modest embrace of Athens, Ohio, or the modern allure of Cincinnati, Joe Burrow’s homes tell a tale of a grounded sports icon with a heart firmly rooted in the places that shaped him.

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