February 25, 2024

What Your Home’s Fixture Color Says about You

Fixture Color are those details in your home that might go overlooked by the average guest but nonetheless contribute to the look and feel of your interior spaces. Your cabinet hardware, your sink faucets, your lighting — these are fixtures, and you need to think critically about what you want them to be.

To help you determine which fixtures you should install in your home, you might consider the following popular color options, each of which provides a specific vibe to your space.


Black has become somewhat trendy as a fixture color in recent years, but still, not everyone is obsessed with the look of matte black fixtures. Black has always been a bit counter-culture; in home design as in fashion, black looks edgy and interesting, regardless of the broader aesthetic or color palette you use.

Because black is a neutral, so you can install black fixtures into any space. It is possible to use black as a statement color, drawing attention to certain features of a room that is otherwise light and bright. Black can also be used in abundance, which will make your interior space feel intimate and brooding.

There are certain interior styles that utilize black fixtures more than others. More masculine interior aesthetics tend to rely heavily on black, as do more modern and industrial designs. If you want to use black beyond trendy window frames and cabinet pulls, you might install larger black fixtures, like a black ceiling fan, to add visual interest to forgotten corners of your home.

Brushed Gold

Another exceedingly on-trend fixture color, brushed gold is in so many ways the exact opposite of black. Though these fixtures are not made of real gold but rather brass, they tend to make a room feel more opulent and glamorous, regardless. Gold fixtures also add warmth to interior designs, and they often provide a feminine feel.

As a metal, gold is considered a neutral tone, but you should still be careful with how you use it in your home. Gold can become overwhelming in a space; you don’t want all your fixtures to be gold, or your home could start to feel overindulgent or gauche. You might mix fixtures of other tones in with your gold fixtures or pair gold with natural or masculine colors to create more balance.

Oil-rubbed Bronze

You might know bronze as a coppery metal, but oil-rubbed bronze tends to cover most of the shiny metal in a matte black. Only corners of the reddish-goldish-brown color peak out, ensuring that this fixture color offers a bit more warmth and character than typical black fixtures.

Usually, oil-rubbed bronze is considered a rustic fixture option, used in homes designed with farmhouse, cottage or otherwise pastoral aesthetics. You can mix and match oil-rubbed bronze with true black and copper fixtures to create a warm and unique space that feels inviting and stylish.

Brushed Nickel

The standard in homes for many decades, brushed nickel fixtures now feel like relics from days gone by. At first glance, brushed nickel looks like a boring silver color, but upon closer examination, you should notice a warmth to the metal that is missing in other silver-toned fixtures, like chrome stainless steel.

In many homes, the appearance of brushed nickel might signal that the space is in desperate need of an update. However, it is possible to integrate brushed nickel in a way that highlights vintage glamor. A retro color scheme and other décor from the midcentury or later can help integrate brushed nickel fixtures into an attractive and interesting design.

Blanched Laminate Real Wood Flooring


Though not exactly common, wooden fixtures are becoming more popular as natural and organic interior aesthetics are rising as trends. Unpainted wooden fixtures make a space feel more closely connected with the earth, adding warmth and comfort even in spaces that are otherwise industrial, masculine or cold. Wooden accents are used in almost every interior aesthetic, but they do tend to lend a sense of a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Wood is difficult to care for even in furniture, wood must be maintained through careful cleaning and delicate use. Wooden fixtures might be prone to staining, scratching or breaking. You might choose to integrate wooden fixtures only in areas that have controlled access, like an adult’s bedroom, rather in places that are available to guests and kids.

You have control over every detail of your home’s décor, and every detail contributes to the overall look and feel of your home. By paying closer attention to what your fixtures are saying, you can create the interior aesthetic of your dreams.

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