May 19, 2024
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What to Look For in a Gopher Removal Service?

Before Hiring a Gopher Removal Service we will tell you What to Look For in a Gopher Removal Service? Dealing with a gopher infestation on your property can be extremely frustrating. The damage these pesky rodents cause to lawns and gardens by digging tunnels and mounds seems to happen overnight. Getting rid of them for good often requires professional help. When looking for the best gopher removal service, there are several important things to keep in mind.

Experience Level is Important


An obviously important factor when vetting a gopher removal service is making sure they have extensive experience specifically dealing with gophers. You want to look for a company that has been taking care of stubborn gopher problems for homeowners and businesses for many years. An experienced gopher removal pro will be familiar with gopher behavior patterns and know how to set traps effectively to catch them.

Methods Used Should Be Humane

Many traditional gopher removal services unfortunately still use dangerous poisons as their primary method. However, there are much more humane, effective ways to get rid of gophers that don’t put pets or kids at risk.

Look for a company that prefers using cage traps, which catch gophers alive so they can be relocated unharmed. Trapping is much safer than poisoning and stops gopher problems at the source without killing the animals. This method also avoids the possibility of dead gophers causing foul odors in yards.

Good Reviews Validate Quality

One of the fastest ways to get an idea of a gopher removal service’s quality and reliability is to look at online customer reviews. Search for reviews on multiple websites and social media to get a balanced perspective.

Pay attention to how reviewers describe the technician’s expertise, punctuality, and communication style. This helps paint a picture of what to expect if you hire them.

Quick Response Time is Key

When you discover gopher mounds or tunnels in your yard, you want the problem stopped ASAP before significant damage is done. Look for a gopher removal company that offers same-day service and responds to calls swiftly. The faster traps can be set, the better the chance of catching gophers quickly and preventing them from multiplying.

Slow response times give gophers more opportunity to dig and expand tunnels throughout your landscape. You want a company that will make your gopher problem a top priority, not put you on a waitlist.

Reasonable Rates Make a Difference

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While you want an effective gopher removal service, you also don’t want to break the bank. Comparing rates can help you find one that offers robust services for a fair price.

The company should be transparent about exactly what’s included so there are no hidden fees. Also find out if they offer discounts for seniors, veterans, new customers or bundled services. You could save some money by doing this.

Hiring a Gopher Removal Service: Rounding Up

Advantages of Engaging a Seasoned Pest Control Specialist

Keep these tips in mind as you evaluate gopher removal companies and you can zero in on one that will eradicate your frustrating gopher problem quickly and permanently. Paying close attention to crucial things like experience, reviews, responsiveness, and affordability will guide you to make the right choice. Then you can finally have peace of mind that your yard will be free of those pesky gopher mounds and tunnels for good.

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