April 18, 2024
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Scandinavian Designs for Bathrooms and Shower Systems

Norwegian and Scandinavian designs have long been popular due to their minimalist but unique approach to shape, function, and durability. Both efficient in space footprint and expansive in benefits, the Norwegian style has regularly evoked modernity while blending well with vintage and traditional home styles.

Bathroom and shower interior designs typically have to be utilitarian first, meeting the needs of being in the bathroom in the first place. However, nothing stops designers from making the practical appealing, which is something that Scandinavian design has excelled at regularly for decades.

Many hotels, resorts, and custom-designed homes have found a welcome assortment of options with Scandinavian styles due to the fact that they fit in most bathroom dimensions and facilities, whether expansive or tight in space. Because they are specifically shaped to take advantage of room areas that often lost space, such as corners, Scandinavian design is repeatedly a winner in redesign and renovations.

Add in the fact that much of the equipment and style included emphasizes ease of use, intuitive function, and durable material, and many choose Scandinavian designs for their bathrooms and vanities and never turn back once installed.

For example, a key aspect of the shower is the containment of the area for the purposes of washing from the top down, typically with the water spray above the head. Traditional designs combine the shower with a tub. Scandinavian designs instead stick with one purpose, enhancing the shower stall as a single-purpose facility with more walls and utility storage versus trying to be both.

This gives the ability to also enhance the design with creative drainage versus a typical drain hole, expansive shelving for more amenities, hooks for washing tools, and a multi-functional water shower head as well.


As a provider of professional-grade bathroom design kits and shower wall amenities, Dujkabinett has a well-established name and track record for amazing overhauls of shower corner stalls, bathroom fixtures, and walled shower units that can easily fit in the tiniest of bathroom spaces or stand out in expansive master bathrooms. Using a combination of glass, metal, ceramics, and clear glass as well as high-grade plastics, Dujkabinett’s products are standouts, frequently displayed in architectural design magazines and sites for cutting-edge interior design.

With designs that subscribe both to functionality and durability, many of Dujkabinett’s products rethink how the bathroom should work and feel for the homeowner or resident, as well as to protect the building overall from water damage and similar. The flexibility of the inventory provided appeals to all types of applications, from unique residential to standardized commercial unit modular packaging as well. Visit website!


A British vanity and tub producer, Lusso has been in the bathroom fixture market since 2014, providing unique and standalone bathtubs and bathroom vanities, including Scandinavian design. With a heavy reliance on unique stone surfaces and shapes, the company puts a large emphasis on finished limestone and similar solid mixtures. Their product portfolio provides a significant movement away from integrated bathroom furniture, emphasizing space and independence. However, the product line may be challenging in smaller bathroom spaces. Lusso’s website.

ADM Bathroom

While not quite clearly Scandinavian design, ADM provides a number of options for vanities and bathtubs that definitely garner consideration, especially for free-standing interests in minimalist style master bathrooms. The company has a notable portfolio of products that stand out both in style and a definite influence of shape and modernity. While their product line is definitely easier to place in tighter spaces, the style and imagery of the sinks and tubs could be lost in a crowded space. ADM’s website.

Also, visit Home Design Looks for more quality information.

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