May 24, 2024

Don’t Let Injuries Hold You Back: When to Reach Out to a Physical Therapist for Recovery

Are you in pain when moving some parts of your body? It might be a sign that you need to visit a physical therapist. By getting proper treatment and professional help, you can avoid further injury.

If you doubt seeking professional help with your injury, this blog post will help you understand better when to visit one.

Why Should You Visit a Physical Therapist?

Knowing when to see a doctor for injury recovery is vital to prevent other pain. You might think it’s a minor pain that will disappear after a few days.

However, the biggest mistake anyone can make with injury is trusting that it will improve.

Most injuries, however small, require at least some medical help. Ignoring worsening signs of discomfort is a sure way to inhibit your physical abilities.

You can go to a physical therapist immediately after you are injured. They will set up a treatment plan to prevent the injury from becoming a chronic problem.

You can prevent further injury by going to physical therapy. Doctors can help you correctly diagnose your condition so you can return to your routine quickly.

How Can a Physical Therapist Help You?

After an injury, a physical therapist can help you recover from the pain and regain your daily function. It can be anything like a lifting accident, sports injury, a vehicle accident, an ache from typing on the computer all day, slipping in the kitchen, or even a sore neck from sleeping.

What are the Common Injuries Treated by Physical Therapists?

  • Ligament sprains, such as a sprained ankle, knee, or wrist
  • Muscle strains, from mild damage to complete rupture
  • Inflammation in a tendon, also known as tendinitis
  • Back pain
  • Muscle spasms

When Should You Reach Out to a Physical Therapist for Recovery?

Below is a list of questions you can ask yourself if you need to visit a physical therapist.

  • Are you having trouble moving your arms, legs, neck, or other parts of your body?
  • Are your bones or muscles in pain?
  • Do you need help to function in a specific part of your body?

If your answer is yes to one or more questions above, we highly recommend you get an appointment now.

Below are more scenarios on when you should visit a physical therapist.

When you are in pain

Consider going to physical therapy when you feel pain after a specific injury has happened to you. Instead of prescription drugs that mask the pain, they will prescribe physical activities for your health condition. Physical therapists treat pain by using movement and hands-on care. They can also teach you how to lower the risk of re-injuring yourself.

When you need extra support for your day-to-day function

It might be time to visit a physical therapist if you need help getting around, moving daily, or working out. Get professional services to identify posture issues and move better with movement patterns, joint range of motion, and muscle strength.

When you need help recovering from surgery

Any surgery, even when scheduled, is a form of trauma to your body. You will need medical help to relearn how to move your body. It will also help you speed up the healing process and reduce pain. In some cases, it may minimize the formation of scar tissue.

Seeking physical therapy will help you recover quickly and get back to the routine of your day-to-day activities. If you can start treatment immediately after a major surgery, you will likely have a shorter hospital stay and a more pleasing recovery phase.

Physical therapy may help you with your coronary artery, shoulder, elbow, back, hip, and carpal tunnel surgery or replacement. Research has also shown that starting physical therapy before any surgery will help you with better health outcomes.

When you need help with rehabilitation

Physical therapists may support you in rehabilitating after a variety of health events. They can help improve or restore your capabilities, functions, and mobility. In the process, they will help you regain strength and relearn skills.

If you need to help you as you age

 Physical Therapist

As you get older, it can bring you all sorts of challenges to your physical abilities. Having a physical therapist can assist you with planning an exercise routine to keep you functioning well.

Physical therapy can help you maintain strength, prevent falls, keep your balance, keep flexibility, and increase your range of motion. You can use it to maintain or improve your health. It is vital in enjoying your golden years.


Conclusion homedesignlooks

Physical therapists can help you at any given time of your life. Whether your physical condition is limiting, recovering from surgery, or your body strength at any age, consider getting a referral for physical therapy.

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