May 24, 2024

What you need to know before planning an air conditioning installation in sunny San Diego

We will tell you What you need to know before planning an air conditioning installation in sunny San Diego. You’ve probably seen a mini split somewhere, a two-piece modern system that is used for heating in the cold season and cooling in the summer heat. It looks like a box with a fan on the outside of the building, but inside it looks like a regular air conditioner. In San Diego’s temperate climate, these units make it easy to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. That’s why they are already used almost everywhere – in industries, apartment buildings, public and private properties. About the non-obvious nuances of the installation of mini split systems read in the material of this article.

Advantages, features

Mini split works almost silently, does not block the window aperture and takes up little space even in the smallest rooms. All its blocks are very compact (that’s why it is called mini) and through a hole in the wall (it is then well sealed and does not let cold, moisture, etc.) are connected by a thin tube.

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Other advantages:

  • affordable price with high efficiency;
  • quick installation
  • possibility to adjust the individual microclimate in each room
  • a wide range of additional functions (humidification, ionisation);

An important feature that you will have to pay attention to when considering the installation of mini split: it is necessary to correctly select its power. From this will depend on the efficiency of the equipment:

  • If a low-power system is installed in a large room, it will not effectively filter and renew the air, nor will it maintain the necessary humidity and comfortable temperature.
  • Excessive capacity of the equipment can also become a disadvantage. The air conditioner will stop and restart frequently, resulting in rapid wear and tear of parts and excessive energy consumption.

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When installing a mini split, ductwork is usually routed to the interior and connected to the units. The entire system is powered by connection to the household electrical network. The high efficiency of each element, as well as the safety of operation and maintenance of the equipment depends to a greater extent on the accuracy of installation and proper adjustment of the system.

That is why it is strongly recommended to contact specialists to install mini split units. They will provide full information about the technical characteristics of the device, will conduct accurate calculations of the volume of rooms, and recommend the most suitable option for your room.

Your helpers in San Diego

For mini split AC installation in San Diego, you can contact Accord Air. The company’s technicians will install the units, drill the wall, connect the power supply, and check the refrigerant pressure and the operability of the installed system. In addition, they will help to adjust its operation to ensure climatic comfort in different rooms at the same time, taking into account the individual needs of the residents.

Before calling specialists to install a mini split, carefully check the equipment before purchase and after delivery, as well as take into account the peculiarities of your room. As a rule, the installation of the system takes from 2 to 4 hours, but in order not to have to urgently purchase missing components (for example, additional fasteners), it is better to consult professionals about such nuances in advance.

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