May 23, 2024

Keter Advances Innovative Outdoor Storage Solutions With New Signature Collection

“The Signature Collection is a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional quality, functionality, and design in outdoor lifestyle solutions,” says Keter’s CEO Alejandro Pena.

Have you heard about Keter’s latest release? The company recently rolled out its new Signature Collection and it’s a total disrupter in outdoor storage. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Keter is taking things up a notch. This collection isn’t just about storing your stuff; it’s about doing it stylishly and sustainably, blending seamlessly with the beauty of your outdoor spaces. It’s durable and practical and designed to make your backyard or garden look as good as it functions. Keter is setting new standards for outdoor storage.

“The Signature Collection is a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional quality, functionality, and design in outdoor lifestyle solutions,” stated CEO Alejandro Pena.

The products feature DecoCoat technology with a rich, classic look of wood without the hassle. That means no warping, rot, or wear, no matter the weather. The Keter line brings lots of variety — from roomy sheds to stylish deck boxes and even handy garden beds. This collection is all about meeting a wide range of needs while boosting the style quotient of your outdoor spaces.

The company is all about blending sustainability with functionality, and it doesn’t compromise on style, either. Choosing resin — a low-maintenance alternative to natural materials — keeps things sleek and durable. With cutting-edge tech from four global research and development centers, Keter constantly pushes the envelope on how products feel and look.

This collection is all about making your life easier. Each piece is designed for super simple assembly, with clear instructions that make setup a breeze from start to finish. Plus, they’ve added hydraulic pistons to the deck box lids, so opening and closing them is smooth and safe. It’s the kind of user-friendly design that adds a practical charm to its stylish appeal.

Keter for Functional Beauty

Whether you’re decking out a cozy garden or sprucing up a spacious patio, the Signature Collection comes in natural shades like walnut and ashwood, ensuring that these pieces will fit right in no matter your style or outdoor setting.

“As elevated backyard design becomes more important to our consumers, we noticed a gap in the market for outdoor storage solutions that complement the beauty of nature rather than clash with it,” Pena stated.

“The Signature Collection now fills that gap with the first best-in-class storage solutions designed to be seen, not hidden away. It redefines functional storage as space-defining furniture pieces, and we’re thrilled to bring it to market.”

You can purchase the brand-new Keter line at major home improvement stores or with a few clicks online.

Keter Leads With Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t a mere buzzword for the company; it’s at the heart of its Signature Collection. Keter is committed to doing right by the planet, using 100% recyclable materials in all its products. This not only pushes its green initiatives forward but also resonates deeply with eco-conscious shoppers on the lookout for sustainable options. So, if you’re trying to make environmentally friendly choices, Keter’s making it easy to align your outdoor decor with your values.

The company is kicking it up a notch to champion a circular economy and slash its environmental footprint. In 2022, it increased the use of recycled materials in its production processes to 41.8%, or 137,000 tons of recycled material — equivalent to the weight of 346 Boeing 747-400 planes.

By 2025, Keter, which has five production facilities in North America, aims to have 55% recycled content in all its products, pushing forward its mission to protect the planet and ensure it remains a safe, clean place for everyone.

It’s an ethos Keter has paid forward through a number of initiatives like the Keter Green Spaces program, developed alongside The Education Fund. It’s a movement to beautify neighborhoods and ignite a passion for environmental stewardship in the next generation. By engaging in these efforts, Keter is nurturing greener communities and creating a culture that values and protects our planet.

“Every single day, our employees worldwide rise to the occasion,” Pena stated. “They believe the future is bright and that together we can build a better company and, most importantly, a better world for future generations.”

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