April 18, 2024
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How an Outdoor Kitchen Can Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your Home

When designing your house, it’s important to include features that will improve the overall curb appeal of your home. And this is where outdoor kitchens come into play. Once, these additions were considered nothing more than luxury features, but now most homeowners see the value of adding an outdoor kitchen.

There was a noticeable interest in outdoor kitchens once the pandemic of 2019 was on the rise. As restaurants and outdoor public spaces were on an indefinite lockdown, homeowners thought building an outdoor space was best. But despite the pandemic subsiding, there’s still a noticeable attraction towards this unique layout; why is that? Let’s understand this:

1. Increases Your Resale Value

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One of the exciting prospects of owning a house is at some point, if you wish to sell your property, you can make an immense profit off it. Numerous factors impact the resale value of your house, and having an outdoor kitchen is one of them. According to a survey, homes with this feature installed can see a return on investment between 100% – 200%. The appliances that go into this outdoorsy space are also unique.

Unlike a traditional kitchen, most outdoor kitchens are fitted with stainless steel appliances. You can get grills, stoves, and other essentials from BBQ Outfitters to add to the overall value. Stainless steel is one of the best materials in kitchen equipment. Appliances made from this are long-lasting, weather resistant, and easy to clean. They are also low maintenance which means if there is damage to your equipment, you can quickly get it fixed or replaced.

2. A Lovely Space for Friends and Family

There’s great joy in having your friends and family over. What better way to celebrate their presence in your life than with a home-cooked meal? Outdoor kitchens serve as a great location to add to your outdoor aesthetics. They also allow a larger space to socialize without feeling cramped by walls.

Some outdoor kitchens also enable you to install a pizza oven or a cold bar; these add to your house’s overall personality making it more attractive and welcoming. If you want to make your outdoor space fancier, add heaters and string lights, or buy excellent outdoor furniture that complements your kitchen.

3. Cuts Down Energy Costs

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Places like the US can be costly regarding electricity and energy. Most households spend at least $122 on bills every month, and this value can quickly shoot up during inflation. Therefore, it is surprising that using an outdoor kitchen can reduce costs. That’s because outdoor cooking doesn’t need indoor lighting, air conditioning, or exhaust.

The atmosphere outside is enough to keep your home smelling breezy and fresh. You can also drastically reduce costs by using a campfire or an outdoor burner instead of connecting your kitchen stove to a traditional gas line. As a result, your energy consumption goes down, and you can save money on the bills.

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4. Ensures The Cooking Smell Doesn’t Seep In

The spices, herbs, and ingredients you use while cooking can leave a lingering smell behind. If you live in a wood, there’s a chance that the aroma may sink into the porous material, leaving a stale smell that is unpleasant to endure. If you cook cuisines like Korean or Indian, the smell of the food will stick around your house, making it inhabitable. Food needs proper ventilation and aeration, which an outdoor space can provide.

Any meal you cook outside will prevent any smell from seeping into your house. Certain spices like turmeric can also leave a yellowish hue behind on your furniture and appliance, destroying their overall appearance. So, if you want to maintain your property’s value and save the integrity of your furniture, you should cook outdoors.

5. Allows You to Expand Your House

You can easily modify your outdoor kitchen and convert it with screens that prevent rodents and insects from attacking your meals. It allows you to turn your outdoor space into your primary kitchen completely. As a result, you may no longer require a kitchen inside or want to reduce the area it occupies. Most clients heavily focus on their kitchen space during renovations, but once you remove this feature, you can concentrate on expanding your house as you wish.

Look into reliable contractors and begin the process of changing your space. You can knock down a wall, make your rooms look bigger, or combine the kitchen and seating area into one big family room. The possibilities are endless, and any amount you invest in your home will come back as a return in profit.

6. Excellent For Your Overall Well-being

Eating in the open air surrounded by greenery and open spaces does wonders for your health. You may no longer feel suffocated by the walls and the enclosure your home offers. Feeling the subtle wind in your hair and the warm sunlight on your skin is also therapeutic; these, in turn, boost your mental health and put you in good head space. Likewise, cooking outdoors means exploring more grilling and BBQing options over conventional stovetop cooking. Grilling is considered the healthiest form of cooking as it keeps you away from oil and allows the proteins to come through.

But if you’re wondering how it impacts your curb appeal? It most certainly does. If you’re in a good mood, it reflects in your behavior. Any passerby or potential buyer may feel more optimistic and happier in your presence, enticing them to buy your property. Selling a house is more than just marketing; how you present yourself and meet with clients also impacts their decision. When you’re no longer pretending to be happy and organically expressing your excitement, your clients will pick it up and return it with the same enthusiasm.


Conclusion homedesignlooks

The simple act of upgrading your outdoor space and changing it into an extraordinary outdoor kitchen can do wonders for your resale value. For a homeowner, nothing spells jackpot quite like the way an outdoor kitchen does. This unique innovation also benefits your household in other ways, including more space to be with friends and family, a chance to knock down your walls and design a much more attractive indoor unit. It allows you to bask in the aesthetics of a well-maintained house.

Furthermore, getting an outdoor kitchen also saves your home from drowning under the smell of food and spices that can cause mild discoloration to your appliances. On the bright side, having an attractive outdoor kitchen also positively impacts your mental health and overall well-being. When you’re proud of your space, you have no qualms about showing it off.

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