May 24, 2024
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Home Repairs To Keep Your Old House Young

Regular home repairs and maintenance are the fountain of an old house, conserving its beauty, functionality, and structural integrity.If you own a home that’s getting up in years that you love dearly, there’s going to come a day when love isn’t enough and you will need to take action to keep it liveable into the foreseeable future. Do yourself a favour and get started on a program of home repairs before things decay so far that you’re looking at a costly renovation! Let’s identify what critical areas might need your loving care.

PipesUsing a PVC Pipe Cutter

Over time your home’s water pipes take a beating. Accumulated grease and debris, invasive tree roots, and plain old rust eventually lower your water pressure, which can lead to bursting, a major disaster just waiting to happen.

Proper maintenance is key, but the very idea of digging up the garden, or pulling up the house’s floorboards is enough to make you put up with that measly trickle out of your shower just a bit longer! Luckily, none of that is necessary anymore thanks to new, less invasive technologies. The friendly professionals at Pipe Relining Solutions can snake a camera down your pipes to discover any problems, use high-pressure water to clean away the debris, and then reline your pipes with environmentally safe resin, making them even better than new!

Paintman-repairing-floor-damage-using-brush, Painting

If your home’s exterior paint is so cracked and peeling that it’s beginning to resemble that creepy old haunted house down the lane, well, that’s great on Halloween, However, the remainder of the year, it is just an eyesore. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint not only boosts its resale value, but it will also please your neighbours, especially any kids who tend to hurry past on a stormy night for fear of a spooky scare! It’s an investment that’s well worth the cost as well as your time and trouble.

Try using digital photo programs to test out possible colour schemes, then you will be sure you have made the right choice, and can fall in love with your old, but new-looking house all over again! Then, when you are done with the exterior, do the same with the interior!


Insulating a Home

Speaking of the exterior and interior, let’s talk about what’s in between the two, the insulation. Unfortunately, if your house was built in the 1960’s or earlier, it might not have any! Back then energy bills weren’t as steep as they are now, so it just wasn’t considered all that important- if you got too hot you opened a window, if you got too cold you put on a sweater! Modern heaters and air conditioners keep us comfortable all year long, but they exact a toll on our finances. Proper insulation is a must, and with modern blower technology, you don’t need to tear open the walls to do it!


When it comes to keeping your old house in top shape, one critical area that often needs your attention is the bathroom. The full bath with a toilet is an essential component that requires proper maintenance to ensure its functionality and avoid costly repairs. Over time, the pipes connected to your toilet may suffer from accumulated grease, debris, or even invasive tree roots, leading to lowered water pressure and potential bursting. Fortunately, you no longer have to endure the hassle of digging up your garden or tearing up the floorboards, thanks to innovative solutions. Companies like Pipe Relining Solutions utilize advanced technologies, such as pipe cameras and high-pressure water cleaning, to identify and resolve pipe issues without invasive methods. By relining the pipes with environmentally safe resin, they can restore your plumbing system to better-than-new condition, allowing you to enjoy a fully functional bathroom without worries.

Check out this government website, they actually have some really good ideas, no kidding! Your old house doesn’t need to become your neighbourhood’s haunted mansion, it just needs some loving care to keep it feeling like home for years to come.

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