May 19, 2024

Ultimate Guide of a Sauna Heater Buying Checklist

We will give you a proper Guide to a Sauna Heater Buying Checklist. Are you looking for a sauna heater? Have you ever bought one? Do you know what to consider when purchasing one? Where can you buy them? You can purchase from trusted dealers such as Harvia sauna heaters if you need more clarification. The sauna heaters usually have the same purpose: to provide heat in a room, but the different types of sauna heaters offer different experiences.

For instance, though an electric heater provides warmth just like the wood burnt heater, it does not have a burnt wood scent. In addition, a burnt wood sauna can bring an authentic feel but would be less convenient than an electric heater. The article below will give an ultimate guide to a sauna heater buying checklist that you need to follow if you need to purchase one.

The Sauna Location

To know the best type of sauna, you need to determine its location (indoors or outdoors). Consider using the electric sauna indoors due to its installation and flue design limitations. For an outdoor sauna, your choices are open, but make sure it is designed for the outdoors. You should note that, as long as you have the sauna conveniently located near the power source, you can always use the electric option.

It is always preferred to use the electrical one, but the firewood heater takes over due to its high installation cost and wiring. In addition, if you live in the city, you must use the electric sauna as getting somewhere to use firewood is difficult. As you choose the location, check whether the regulations will allow you to use the type of sauna.

What Size of Heater Do You Need for Your Sauna

Are you now ready but wondering how to measure the size of your heater? To find the perfect sauna heater size, measure according to the space you have for your sauna. For instance, if your sauna has the dimensions 2*1.5*2, then your sauna volume computes to 6 cubic meters. With this, the estimate for the heater should be 4-4.5 Kw. Before you get any sauna, ensure you have the exact size so you cannot go wrong about anything.

Sauna Heater Types

Sauna Heater, sauna bath

When planning to purchase the sauna, did you know they are of different types? Which of those types do you prefer using?

The two primary types of sauna heaters are traditional and infrared heating. Conventional sauna heaters have various power sources, which include electric, gas-fired, and wood-fired, but they still heat with the same method.

The electric sauna is the most used as it is popular, inexpensive, easy, and safe compared to the other traditional methods. Gas sauna heaters are the least used heating method, and they are mostly used in commercial saunas as it is also convenient in urban areas.

Lastly, wood-fired heaters are a traditional way to use saunas. It is inconvenient to heat up and use, yet other people prefer using it compared to the other methods.

Are you now ready to purchase your sauna heater? If yes, where are you shipping it from? How will it be delivered? Who and how will it be installed? If you are still trying to figure out the answers to these questions, you can consult dealers such as Harvia Sauna Heaterswho can guide you on your next step.

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