April 15, 2024

Godrej Ascend Review

Mumbai is a city that offers numerous opportunities, and I was fortunate enough to receive a promotion at an IT company located in Mumbai. Although I was eager to relocate, I soon discovered that the cost of apartments in Mumbai was higher compared to other cities. My efforts proved futile despite my attempts to find a suitable residence through traditional and contemporary methods. However, a friend introduced me to the NoBroker site, which proved to be a lifesaver.

Through this platform, I could find a suitable residence at Godrej Ascend that was affordable and met all my requirements. Choosing this residence has been one of my best decisions. It is situated in Thane West, Mumbai, on the Kolshet road, offering convenient access to all necessary infrastructure within and outside the premises. The Godrej Ascend residence boasts a luxurious infrastructure and a wide range of top-notch facilities. The residential development spans 6.50 acres and offers a range of 1-3 BHK units. Godrej Ascend’s price is reasonable, with a range of ₹77 Lacs – ₹2.5 Crores. With Godrej Ascend Review, I could experience and understand the apartment digitally.

Godrej ascend amenities

Property Management

A house in Godrej Ascend is both a luxury and a wonderful investment for those who choose to own one. The following are some of the facilities that come with the two-bathroom apartment that I decided to go with:

  • The flats’ attractive and convenient swimming pool is a terrific location to unwind after a long day.
  • They have a reliable safety system thanks to the presence of CCTV and a security service that is available around the clock.
  • The finest in health and fitness include a spa, a gym, and play areas with things like a badminton court and other indoor activities.
  • They feature sophisticated gas pipes in addition to built-in power backup and fire safety measures, which serve as a defence against any potential power outages that may occur.
  • The lobby, fitness centre, and other common areas of the apartment all have air conditioning and cutting-edge elevator technology designed to make your time there more pleasant and convenient.
  • The principles of Vastu Shastra are adhered to in designing, arranging, and allocating the space inside a house.
  • They provide visitor parking for those who are visiting and premium parking for those who live there.
  • Including a park and a running path are also steps you may take to enhance your lifestyle.
  • They have a maintenance and cleaning crew that is highly qualified and professionally trained.

3 reasons to buy a property in Godrej ascend

1. Strategic geographical position. 

The locality and proximity to major business hubs are significant factors that contribute to the value proposition of a property purchase. Godrej Ascendas offers a convenient location near various technology centres, educational institutions, recreational facilities, markets, and prominent landmarks within the city. The closest modes of transportation for bus and train in the vicinity of Jaiganesh are located 1.4 km away, while Thane station is situated at a distance of 5.4 km. The Apollo Medical Centre is located within 4 minutes away. Lok Puram Public School is located 10 minutes away; various forms of entertainment, such as theatres, shopping malls, and supermarkets, are conveniently located nearby.

2. A plethora of amenities 

You may enjoy the greatest amenities and facilities at Godrej Ascend, such as a well-equipped gym, swimming pool, vehicle parking space, garden, sports area-indoor and outdoor, elevator, community centre, clubhouse, children’s play area, and more. Everyone who owns or rents an apartment is eligible. The interior and exterior amenities have been expertly built, using some of the greatest features to enhance the entire experience of the residents.

3. Reputable builder 

Godrej Houses is a well-known real estate builder in India, noted for producing high-quality houses that provide a pleasant and elegant living environment. Godrej Properties was founded in 1990 and operated in 12 cities throughout India. It has created some of the nation’s most famous housing and business projects. The organisation’s projects are intended to fulfil worldwide green building requirements, with a particular emphasis on conservation.


Conclusion homedesignlooks

The primary consideration for most individuals is the cost, and this flat is a suitable option due to its reasonable pricing and value proposition, which includes comprehensive amenities. Additionally, the flat offers convenient access to loans facilitated by partnering financial institutions. If you are actively looking out for properties in Thane, you can save a lot of time by searching for verified properties listed on NoBroker.in. I would highly recommend that you finalise the projects that you like, verify the information about the project and then head to the sites!

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