April 15, 2024
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Give Your Backyard An Attractive Makeover

Has your backyard become an unkempt, overgrown jungle? Or is it perfectly well maintained, but completely dull, lacking in any kind of character? If so, then it’s time to give your Backyard An Attractive Makeover to transform it into the kind of attractive outdoor space you want to spend time in!

Pruning is Important

Let’s start with the jungle. It only takes a few years for ornamental plants to go feral without occasional trimming, when left to their own devices they will grow willy nilly, over and under each other until you have an impenetrable thicket on your hands! Worse yet, without proper pruning even the nicest trees can become unruly, diseased, and even dangerous, with rotten limbs that can fall, creating a real hazard for anyone who passes under them.

If this sounds like your backyard, the best thing to do is engage the services of a company that handles tree removal in North Shore, dedicated professionals who can tame that wilderness into a comfortable space that you can enjoy! They will do everything they can to improve your precious existing trees and reform them, only performing removals by explicit request, and usually only for trees that are beyond help!

Garden Path

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Now that order has been brought from chaos, it’s time to make some improvements! One of our favourite backyard features is a nice garden path that wends its way here and there among the vegetation. There are a variety of materials that work well for this, concrete pavers, crushed rock, or our own preference, natural stones like limestone that accentuate nature. Plan the path carefully so it hits all the focal points, as well as providing easy access to the grounds for enjoyment and maintenance purposes.

Cottage Garden Front Yard Landscaping Idea


Another material we like to work with is lattice. You can find it in any garden centre, sometimes even being put to work in displays! Lattice creates a barrier that still allows light through, and is perfect for dividing your garden into sections, or for hanging potted plants on and supporting climbing vines. It can also be used to disguise less attractive garden items, keeping water spigots, tool sheds, and rubbish bins from view.

Coat of Paint

Speaking of sheds, there is no reason they can’t be made to look charming and be integrated into the backyard garden’s ambience. If you have a plain prefab shed consider giving it a new coat of paint! You can make it stand out with eye-catching barn red, or make it fade into the background with soft greens that match the surrounding foliage, or even paint it with whimsical plant designs! Make sure your garden path makes a stop at the shed’s door for easy access, and you can always put a gate across it if you prefer to discourage wandering guests from visiting it.

Covering of Mulch

Another great touch is a covering of mulch for your flower beds. An attractively coloured and textured natural mulch is much better looking than bare soil, and protects the plantings as well, discouraging weeds while holding in nutrients and moisture.

It’s important to take note of the Australian Government’s guidelines on gardening when going about your makeover. We hope you enjoy your new outdoor sanctuary and don’t forget a comfy lawn chair to relax in while you admire all your hard work!

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