February 26, 2024

Features to Look for in a Portable Fish Finder

A portable fish finder can be a real game changer for your fishing adventures. But it’s crucial to be clear about what you’re looking for. For everyone, the best portable fish finder can mean something different. Remember to choose a device that suits your needs and preferences best. In this article, you can find information about what features you should pay attention to while choosing your portable fish finder.

Type of Transducers

Every fish finder has a transducer. It is an essential part of these types of devices. Their role is to send and receive sonar waves, thanks to which you can know what is in the water. When the sonar wave comes back to the transducer, it is processed and displayed as an image on your device.

Transducer Materials

You should pick a transducer material based on which type of boat you use. Fishing enthusiasts and casual fishermen can get around with a transducer with a plastic mount. They can be used on almost any kind of boat. In case you use boats with fiberglass or wood hulls, you might need to choose bronze.

Most fish finders have trolling motor transducers or transducers with transom mounts. They can be used on almost any kind of boat, as soon as they are installed properly.

Black and White or Colour Screen?

You can get a fish finder with a black and white screen or color screen. You might have trouble fully understanding the image with the first ones. Additionally, they are usually harder to read in the sunlight, as well as during cloudy weather. However, they are significantly cheaper than fish finders with color screens so they might be a good choice if you fish on a budget or are just starting your fishing adventure.

With color displays, you get much more detail. Users can read and understand information with ease. The more color there is, the better idea you have of what is going on under the water. These types of screens are also much easier to read in dark weather, as well as in the sun. With a color screen, you can also choose the resolution of the image.

Water Resistance Level

While virtually all fish finders are waterproof, not all are water resistant in the same way. People who fish on small boats and other open vessels should choose a fish finder with a very high water resistance. Before you decide on purchasing a device, check its JIS or IPX level.

If a device has a rating of four, it means that the water can splash at the device and nothing bad will happen. It would be perfect, for example, if you use a kayak. If the JIS/IPX rating is five-six, it means the device can survive high-pressure jets of water. Devices with a rating of seven can be submerged in water up to 10 feet for a maximum of 30 minutes. The highest rating of eight means that the device can be underwater for a long time.

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