June 25, 2024

Essential Things to Check in Your Home Before Going on Vacation

Heading out on vacation is an exciting time, but before you leave, it’s crucial to ensure your home is secure and in good condition. Proper preparation can prevent potential problems and give you peace of mind while you’re away.

Essential Things to Check in Your Home Before Going on Vacation

Here’s a comprehensive checklist of things to check in your home before going on vacation.

1. Security Measures

Securing your home is the top priority to protect it from potential intruders:

  • Lock Doors and Windows: Ensure all doors and windows are securely locked. Don’t forget basement windows and garage doors.
  • Alarm System: If you have a security system, activate it before you leave. Make sure it’s functioning properly.
  • Light Timers: Install timers on indoor and outdoor lights to give the appearance that someone is home. Set them to mimic your usual lighting patterns.
  • Neighbors: Inform a trusted neighbor about your vacation plans. Ask them to keep an eye on your property and collect your mail or packages.

2. Appliances and Electronics

Turning off or unplugging appliances and electronics can prevent potential hazards and save energy:

  • Unplug Electronics: Unplug non-essential electronics such as TVs, computers, and kitchen appliances to protect them from power surges.
  • Adjust Thermostat: Set your thermostat to an energy-saving temperature. In the winter, keep it warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing, and in the summer, keep it cool enough to avoid excessive humidity.
  • Turn Off Water Heater: If you’ll be away for an extended period, consider turning off your water heater to save energy.

3. Water and Plumbing

Prevent potential water damage by addressing your plumbing:

  • Shut Off Water Supply: Turn off the main water supply to prevent leaks or floods. If you can’t shut off the main supply, at least turn off the water to major appliances.
  • Check for Leaks: Inspect faucets, pipes, and toilets for leaks. Fix any issues before you leave.
  • Drain Pipes: Consider draining your pipes to prevent water from sitting and causing potential problems, especially in winter.

4. Mail and Deliveries

Manage your mail and deliveries to avoid attracting attention:

  • Mail Hold: Place a hold on your mail through the postal service, or ask a neighbor to collect it.
  • Pause Deliveries: Suspend newspaper deliveries and other regular deliveries.
  • Clear Yard: Remove any packages or deliveries that could accumulate on your doorstep or in your yard.

5. Household Cleanliness

A clean home will make your return more pleasant and help prevent unwanted odors or pests:

  • Empty Trash: Take out all the trash, including in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, to prevent odors and pests.
  • Clean Fridge: Dispose of perishable items from the refrigerator and freezer. Consider leaving a box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb any odors.
  • Run Dishwasher: Run and empty the dishwasher before you leave to avoid coming home to dirty dishes and potential mold.

6. Plants and Pets

Ensure your plants and pets are cared for while you’re away:

  • Pet Care: Arrange for a pet sitter, or board your pets. Provide detailed instructions for their care.
  • Plant Watering: Ask a neighbor to water your plants, or set up a self-watering system.

7. Miscellaneous Tips

A few additional steps can help ensure a smooth departure:

  • Secure Valuables: Store valuables like jewelry, important documents, and electronics in a safe place or a safe deposit box.
  • Garage and Shed: Lock your garage and any outdoor sheds or storage units.
  • Spare Keys: Remove any spare keys hidden outside your home. Alternatively, think about distributing a spare key to a friend or neighbor you may trust.
  • Emergency Contact: Leave your contact information and travel itinerary with a neighbor or friend in case of an emergency.
  • Car Safety: If you’re leaving a car at home, make sure it’s locked and parked in a safe place. Consider disconnecting the battery if you’ll be gone for an extended period.

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Conclusion on Essential Things to Check in Your Home Before Going on Vacation

Taking the time to prepare your home before going on vacation can prevent potential issues and ensure a worry-free trip. By securing your home, managing utilities, addressing mail and deliveries, and ensuring the well-being of plants and pets, you can leave with peace of mind. Following this comprehensive checklist will help you return to a safe and welcoming home, ready to enjoy the memories of your vacation.

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