June 25, 2024
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Bathroom Vanity Sizes 101: What You Need to Know Before You Buy from TileBar

Bathroom vanities come in many sizes, and selecting one with the correct proportions will help elevate the design of your space. Before purchasing, your top consideration should be the size of your bathroom vanity. Buying bathroom vanity from title bar one must keep somethings in mind to ensure the right choice.

First measure the available space in your bathroom, then height, width and depth of the area where the vanity will be installed. Vanity width is a crucial element to be kept in mind. THe standard vanity width ranges from 24 inches to 72 inches. Vanity height is another important thing to be kept in mind according to the height of the bathroom. The standard vanity height ranges from 30’ to 36 inches. The last thing to be done is the depth of the vanity. It should be matched with the depth of the bathroom. Vanities with standard depth ranges from 18 to 24 inches.

The Evolution of Bathroom Vanity Sizes

When it comes to bathroom design, understanding its evolution provides a clear picture of today’s trends. Early vanities, dating back to the Victorian era, bathroom vanity sizes started to expand and the indoor plumbing features became more popular. However, today, a large variety  of vanity sizes and designs are available and it gives much flexibility to the homeowners to choose the best size that suits the design of the bathroom.

According to the US Census Survey of Construction (SOC), 64% of new, single-family homes started in 2019 had two bathrooms, and 33% had three or more. And as the people increase the number of bathrooms, the need to make the spaces more stylish and  functional also increases.  Let’s delve into how homeowners decoded the sizes and styles of vanities.

Decoding Vanity Sizes: What Each Size Offers

The 1950s marked a significant shift in bathroom design. No longer just a functional space, the bathroom became a canvas for homeowners to express their style. During the building boom of the 1950s, homeowners began to view the bath as an essential space for style and storage, Therefore, they introduced built-in closets in new home designs.

The era saw a surge in built-in closets, but not all homeowners were satisfied. The added spaces were often small and dimly lit, prompting the introduction of custom cabinetry. The customizable vanities provided homeowners with  flexibility to design their space, but at a higher cost.

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These new custom cabinetry offer a wide selection of vanity sizes to meet diverse bathroom needs. They include:

  • 24-inch vanities – At just 2 feet wide, these ultra-compact vanities are best suited for small powder rooms or tight spaces. They provide basic functionality and storage with their single sink basin and minimal counter space. However, the 24-inch size limits design options.
  • 30-inch vanities – As one of the most common vanity sizes, 30-inch models are ideal for guest bathrooms. They offer ample room for a single sink basin paired with reasonably generous counter space on each side. This versatile size provides greater storage and design flexibility versus 24-inch vanities.
  • 36-inch vanities – Considered the standard size for main bathrooms, 36-inch vanities offer the ideal balance of functionality and style. With about 3 feet of width, they comfortably fit a single sink while providing sufficient counter space for daily essentials. The 36-inch size is widely available across various configurations.
  • 42-inch vanities – Moving into the larger sizes, 42-inch vanities are tailored for spacious bathrooms. Their expansive width of 3.5 feet accommodates his-and-hers sinks with abundant counter space. The double basin design makes these vanities excellent choices for master bathrooms shared by couples.
  • 48-inch vanities – At a spacious 4 feet wide, these vanities are the largest offered by TileBar. The palatial 48-inch size is ideal for large, open master bathrooms. It provides maximum storage capacity via plentiful cabinets and drawers. The extensive counter space easily fits two sinks plus ample toiletries and bath accessories.

With a plethora of bathroom vanity sizes and styles available, the challenge for homeowners became choosing the right one. Let’s explore the art of making that perfect choice.

The Art of Choosing the Right Vanity Size

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Choosing the right vanity size for a bathroom is not less than an art. It gives grandeur and unmatchable aesthetics to the bathroom.  In the early 2000s, as people began spending more time at home due to trends like remote work and homeschooling, the frequency of bathroom usage increased.

The importance of durability in vanity selection reached the peak when the usage of vanity culture became popular in the common public. Therefore, homeowners must consider these factors when selecting the ideal vanity size:

  • Bathroom dimensions – Carefully measure the length and width of your bathroom. Ensure there is adequate clearance on each side and front/back of the vanity. A tight squeeze will create an awkward look and hinder usage.
  • Storage needs – Analyze how much storage space you need for towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and other essentials. Larger vanities offer more cabinet and drawer capacity to keep items organized but out of sight.
  • Counter space requirements – The number of users and volume of toiletries will determine how much counter area you need. Single-sink vanities require less space compared to double-sink models shared by couples.
  • Design aesthetics – The vanity size should align with your overall bathroom design vision. For contemporary styles, a wall-mounted floating vanity will save space. On the other hand, traditional decor styles call for furniture-style vanities.
  • Future needs – Consider potential resale value and whether you may need more space down the road. If you’re planning to start a family, then it’s best to select larger vanities to avoid a cramped up space in the future.

While understanding the history and art of selection is crucial, it’s equally important to choose a brand that aligns with these values. This is where TileBar comes in.

Tilebar’s Commitment to Quality and Versatility

In the world of bathroom vanities, few brands have earned a name and approximately touched the level of TileBar. They offer over 4,000 possible combinations, allowing designers to select the style, color, size, bowl shape, and top material, making them a top choice for many. The thing that makes their products unique from others is high quality, variety and versatility, sustainability and warranty. Vanities from TileBar are:

  • Constructed from premium materials like solid wood, natural stone, and glass for durability.
  • Offered in a vast array of sizes, from 24-inch to 60-inch, to suit any bath.
  • Available in different configurations like single vanity, double vanity, vessel sink vanity.
  • Sophisticated designs ranging from traditional to contemporary to match diverse tastes.
  • Extensive selection of stylish finishes, including white, espresso, gray, rustic, and more.
  • luxe and Linear brand collections exemplify the very best of TileBar’s craftsmanship.

With these many combinations, TileBar’s commitment to quality, versatility, and style is evident, making it a top choice for homeowners and designers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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1.     What are the standard sizes for bathroom vanities available at TileBar?

TileBar offers the most popular vanity sizes: 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″. These sizes allow homeowners to find the ideal fit for their specific needs.

2.     How do I determine the best vanity size for my bathroom?

Measure your bathroom area precisely and determine how much storage you’ll need.  Also consider the number of users and your overall design aesthetic. These factors will help determine the ideal vanity size.

3.     Why choose TileBar vanities over other brands?

TileBar vanities stand out for their meticulous construction, premium materials, vast range of sizes and designs, and versatile configurations. This makes them a top choice for both homeowners and designers seeking quality.


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In conclusion, tilebar is the most prominent retailer selling tile and stone products for home interiors. Its strong commitments are high quality and versatility with providing numerous sizes, colors and designs. Choosing the perfect vanity size involves understanding your bathroom space, storage needs, and design goals. With TileBar’s broad selection of premium vanities, you can find the ideal option for any home – sizes ranging from 24 to 60 inches. Investing in a vanity from TileBar will ensure sophistication and durability for years to come.

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